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About Us

About Us

Medical Massage Virgin Island Specializing in Medical, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue and Nero-Muscular Massages!


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Our story

Our mission is to:

  • Help ease pain that threatens your quality of life…
  • Encourage a positive attitude…
  • Help speed your recovery from injuries so you can get on with your life…

Together We Will Get Rid of That…

  • shoulder pain that wakes you at night!
  • low back pain that bothers you when you sit / stand too long
  • stiff neck or when your head seems to weigh 100 pounds
  • foot pain that keeps you from running / walking
  • stress headaches that seem to come from no where
  • knee that smarts when you walk up /down stairs
  • back of the leg ache you get while driving
  • and far more painful and annoying aches and pains.